I'm an cartoonist and illustrator living in Burlington, VT.

I began working on excavations as illustrator in 1998 and have worked on sites in Greece, Crete, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Syria, and Lebanon.  I continue to work in Greece every year.   My illustrations have been published in several books and many articles.  

My comics reflect a career in archaeology and my family life.  Now I'm working on expanding upon the diary from last summer's trip to Greece to create a book.  My drawings about my children are published regularly on Muthamagazine.com.  A selection of these online comics were nominated for an Ignatz Award at the Small Press Expo in 2016.

Another project, Alle Ego, is about my first trip to Greece and how it launched my work in the direction of archaeology.  A draft of this book won the MoCCA Arts Festival Award in NY in 2016.  I drew most of it during a residency at La Maison des Auteurs in Angouleme, where I plan to return in the summer of 2017 to continue the project.

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